The LASKIN medical group is made up of a group of Dermatologists and Medical Specialists who have formed a work team based on study and cooperation for the benefit and safety of patients in dermatological treatments and products for skin health.

At LASKIN we work in Dermatology. Skin diseases were our origin and continue to be our goal. We have Dermatologist Doctors who are experts in all fields, from acne, allergic dermatoses to cancer and dermatopathology.

At LASKIN we have all the scientific, technological and human elements to improve diseased skin and make healthy skin more beautiful.

LASKIN is the fusion of professionalism and skin knowledge that only a Dermatologist can offer, with technical facilities designed and built especially to provide reliability and comfort. We have been in the shoes of Colombians for more than 25 years. If you need to consult our financial statements, click here .


  • Safety: It means avoiding any danger, risk or situation that may affect our patients.
  • Honesty: It is being real, authentic and original. It is being consistent between what we think, say and act, with the purpose of generating trust with our clients and collaborators.
  • Excellence: Doing things well with knowledge and expertise, with passion and enthusiasm to deliver more than our clients expect.
  • Responsibility: We fully comply with each of the commitments acquired with our shareholders, collaborators, clients, suppliers and community.


Help people feel good, look good and raise their self-esteem, giving health to their skin.


Be recognized by our clients as the safest and most reliable option. Our collaborators as a source of personal and professional growth. Shareholders as an excellent investment being a scientific, ethical and business reference. Society as a company that generates impact in low-income communities.

Professionals backed by experience

Política de calidad. LASKIN garantiza la calidad y oportunidad de sus servicios y la satisfacción de las necesidades de sus clientes, con procesos eficaces, personal calificado, tecnología adecuada y precios competitivos, para ser reconocidos por nuestros clientes y la comunidad como su mejor opción de servicio, mejorando de manera continua la eficacia del sistema de gestión de calidad.