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Tattoo removal is a procedure designed to remove unwanted tattoos from the skin. Tattoos are created when ink pigment particles are injected into the deeper layers of the skin. Tattoo removal involves breaking down or removing these pigment particles so that the tattoo gradually disappears.

At LASKIN PRO we can help you. We offer safe and effective tattoo removal treatment using cutting-edge laser technology.

Simple monochrome tattoo

Multicolor tattoo

Complex tattoo removal with StarWalker ® ​​MaQX from Fotona ®


At LASKIN we use Q-Switched lasers with our Fotona ® StarWalker MaQX ® equipment for the effective removal of complex and multicolored tattoos. Multi-wavelength Q-Switched lasers with dual-frequency KTP are the only ones capable of producing very short pulses of intense light that harmlessly pass through the superficial layers of the skin to be selectively absorbed by specific treatment pigments.

The tattoo removal laser at LASKIN emits pulses of highly concentrated light that are absorbed by the tattoo pigments. These pulses break up the ink particles, allowing the immune system to remove them naturally. Over time and several treatment sessions, the tattoo will fade.

Some advantages of the treatment are:
  1. Safe and non-invasive: The procedure is safe and does not require surgery or skin incisions.
  2. Visible results: With each session you will notice a gradual reduction of the tattoo, improving its appearance over time.
  3. Personalized and professional: Our team of experts will evaluate your case individually and adapt the treatment according to your needs.
Safe and effective removal of complex and multicolored tattoos.

You can find this technology in LASKIN, specifically in our LASKIN PRO section. You can schedule an evaluation for LASKIN PRO procedures by clicking here.

At LASKIN we can help you

We offer a combination of specialized dermatological care and advanced laser technology that provides effective, long-lasting results.

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Complex tattoo removal
Multicolor tattoo removal
Simple tattoo removal
Complex tattoo removal
Multicolor tattoo removal

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