Enlarged pores, acne scars, wrinkles, sagging, dull skin?

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Some wrinkles may become deep cracks or furrows and may be particularly noticeable around the eyes, mouth, and on the neck.

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Acne treatment is simple and easy to follow and only requires proper guidance from the dermatologist and the patient's perseverance in following what is ordered.

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They are small brown spots composed of melanin that appear in areas exposed to the sun in generally light-skinned people with a genetic predisposition.

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At LASKIN we have the Ultraformer, a state-of-the-art equipment that transforms the skin from within, it is the only technology that reaches deep layers of the skin.

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The healing process is the body's natural way of healing and replacing lost or damaged skin. A scar is usually made up of fibrous tissue.

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Telangiectasias are damaged blood vessels just under the skin that appear red, blue, or purple. They are usually harmless.

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Facial sagging is the loss of firmness of the facial skin caused by the decrease in fibers such as elastin and collagen.

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The open pore is a small hole in the skin where a very fine hair comes out and is surrounded by a sebaceous gland.

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Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory disease characterized by permanent redness in the center of the face (nose, cheeks, chin and forehead).

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IPL serves to reverse the signs of sun damage and aging, reducing or eliminating sun spots.

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Fotona's NightLase laser therapy is a non-invasive laser treatment that decreases the amplitude of snoring.

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Effective removal of complex tattoos, able to absorb pigment effectively.

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Equipment endorsed and certified by the FDA

Contoura Morpheus8®

It is a device that combines micropins and radiofrequency energy that penetrate the skin to different depths depending on the desired treatment. Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, revitalizes the skin and improves luminosity and texture.

Ultraformer III®

Ultraformer is a non-invasive High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) device that lifts and tightens the skin. It uses cutting-edge technology that combats sagging, wrinkles and localized fat on the face.

Fotona SP Dynamis®

It is a safe and highly effective minimally invasive treatment that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, with visible results from the first session in most patients.

Fotona StarWalker® MaQX

StarWalker® combina cuatro longitudes de onda complementarias y 14 modalidades de láser; es un equipo muy versátil que realiza una amplia gama de tratamientos estéticos.

What do our patients say?

Incredible! I definitely recommend it

They removed the veins on my face super fast, almost magic! I'm going to bring my husband for the snoring thing, he promises a lot 😂

Maria S.

Super effective, I am very satisfied with the result

LASKIN worked miracles on a scar that had been with me for years. Less returns, less expenses. It was worth every peso.

Juan C.

Rejuvenation with Morpheus is totally worth it

Each treatment is tailor-made, and my skin looks younger and healthier from the first session.

Laura M.

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