Finesse Dietary Supplement 70 Capsules ANTIOXIDANTECH®

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✓ Dietary supplement that promotes and strengthens hair and nail growth.
✓ Thanks to the combination of various antioxidant trace elements such as Zinc, Selenium and Biotin, it is fully recommended to prevent hair loss and strengthen nails.

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Finesse Dietary Supplement 70 Capsules ANTIOXIDANTECH®

Finesse Dietary Supplement 70 Capsules ANTIOXIDANTECH®

Regular price $124.500
Sale price $124.500 Regular price
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How to use
Is it natural for hair to fall out moderately?
A hair grows continuously for 2 to 4 years. It then stops growing for 2 to 4 months and finally ends its cycle and falls off.

In that same place, new hair grows that will repeat this cycle. All hairs are always in different stages of growth, so it is natural that there is a moderate loss: up to 100 hairs per day.

It's not just your skin that needs special care. Your hair also requires vitamins, minerals and lotions to maintain its strength, shine, softness and vitality.

A good way to make your hair look healthy is to use specialized products according to your needs.

Healthy, soft and shiny hair requires a care and finesse routine. The supplement is an excellent complement to your daily routine.

What is Finesse for?

This dietary supplement promotes hair and nail growth, helps healing, rejuvenates by preserving the elasticity of the skin and detoxifies the body in alcoholics and smokers.

It is composed of various trace elements that provide specific benefits to the skin, which are:

Zinc 40 MG: Antioxidant whose main function is to slow down the processes of ocular aging, in turn stimulating the growth of the capillary area and contributing to healing processes. .
Selenium 200μ: Preserves the elasticity of the skin so it will always be rejuvenated and cooperates in skin care, helping to preserve its elasticity. It is a powerful natural antioxidant that complements the action of Zinc.
Biotin 300μ: It is a very useful vitamin in the treatment of diseases related to nails, it helps to improve seborrheic dermatitis known as dandruff and is an adjuvant in treatments related to alopecia.

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